Lifting the corporate veil - a parent company held liable for its subsidiary's debts

Peri Finnigan 25 August 2016

The Court of Appeal has upheld the decision of the High Court in Lewis Holdings Limited v Steel & Tube Holdings Limited, and held the parent company responsible to pay the debts of its subsidiary.  

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How to grow your business in a safe and financially responsible way

The Team at McDonald Vague 25 August 2016

Growing your company is an extremely exciting time. However, you shouldn’t be jumping into a heavy growth phase without careful planning and consideration.

Growth involves risk, and if your business isn’t built on a solid foundation, it can soon crumble under the pressure of expansion.

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Five ways to maintain positive cash flow in your business

The Team at McDonald Vague 23 August 2016

In business, cash is king. Having the right amount of cash in the bank at any time means you’re able to stay on top of your liabilities, as well as continue to grow your business and take advantage of market opportunities.

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Five signs your business is in trouble (and you should be seeing a turnaround or insolvency specialist)

The Team at McDonald Vague 18 August 2016

Picture yourself at the beach. It’s a beautiful day, and you decide to go for a swim. You’re so busy enjoying the sunshine and the refreshing water, you don’t realise you’re drifting further and further from the shore.

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How to conduct a business health check

The Team at McDonald Vague 16 August 2016

It is said your health is the most important asset you have. That’s why doctors advise us to conduct regular health checks on our bodies, ensuring we’re continuing to run at optimum efficiency and that our internal systems are all working properly.

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Director duties: how much money can I afford to take out of the business?

The Team at McDonald Vague 11 August 2016

Most of us go into business because we want to make a decent living doing something we enjoy. We want to be able to provide for our families and enjoy the fruits from our efforts.

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