Is your business in financial trouble? How to avoid insolvency

The Team at McDonald Vague 22 September 2016

Barring a major disaster, a business doesn’t go from being perfectly fine to insolvent overnight. There is usually a whole list of precipitating events that go overlooked or aren’t managed correctly in order to get to the point of no return.

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Financial performance indicators: key KPIs to ensure your business remains in the black

The Team at McDonald Vague 20 September 2016

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are quantifiable measurements you can make that help you understand how your company is performing. An effective KPI has to be:

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Asset protection strategies for you and your business

The Team at McDonald Vague 15 September 2016

You’ve worked hard your entire life to accumulate the assets you hold, whether that’s your family home, rental properties, money in the bank, or a revenue-generating business. It’s vital you take steps to implement asset protection strategies in the event of debtor defaults.

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Business risk management for growing companies: what’s your company's turnaround strategy

The Team at McDonald Vague 13 September 2016

If you know your company is heading for trouble, you need a turnaround strategy. We’ve created a free checklist you can use for your business risk management.

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Business debt settlement advice: how to resolve disputed debt

The Team at McDonald Vague 08 September 2016

It’s important to address disputed debt as soon as possible. This will more likely lead to a positive outcome and enable you to rescue your business relationship.

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Small business debt management advice: how to collect outstanding debts

The Team at McDonald Vague 06 September 2016

As a small business owner, pursuing outstanding debts can be a painful process. You don’t want to be seen as the “bad guy”, but at the same time, you rely on debtors paying on time in order to service your own cash flow, and if a debtor defaults, your business suffers.

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